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Our Avocados

With around 350 big Avocado trees we were looking forward to harvest season. After hearing that we only get 0,20$ for a KG, we were considering of cutting them all down. The founder decided to keep them and to focus on finding buyers closer to the end-consumer.

Avocado 034

Vietnams Avocado 034 tree is suitable for Vietnam's Central Highlands' climatic and soil conditions.

The main harvest season is from March to May, late harvest of the year is from September to November

Avocado 034 has yellow flesh, a tiny avocado seed is only found in the lower bulb, and the upper part is almost entirely flesh. It has an elongated shape.

avocado 034.jpeg

Avocado Booth

Avocado booth is a delicious stickily  smooth type of Avocado.

Booth Avocado is a type of avocado originating from America, grown in the southern United States, Mexico, Cuba ... imported into Vietnam around a decade ago.

Booth avocado has a round shape. The skin is turning slightly yellowish green when getting ripe, the skin has a rough texture.

Booth Avocado has a bright yellow flesh, which is more supple and delicious than regular Vietnamese avocados, but not as creamy and heavy as Avocado 034.

Avocado Sáp

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