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About The Founder

Combine expertise with local traditions

Anh-Hao is civil engineer born and raised in Germany with Vietnamese background. He came to the Highlands and saw big potential to develop a sustainable and fair trade farm.


About Fair Farm Vietnam

This organic farm in the highlands of Vietnam is dedicated to growing three specialty crops: durian, avocado, and coffee. The farm places a strong emphasis on using sustainable farming practices that prioritize environmental conservation and social responsibility.

In addition to producing high-quality organic products, the farm operates under a fair trade model, ensuring that local farmers are paid fairly and treated with respect. By supporting this farm, customers can feel good about the positive impact they are making on both the environment and local community.


What Shocked US

Anh-Hao (founder)

"When I heard that we get 0,20$/KG for Avocado I couldn't believe it because I just bought just one Avocado for 2,00$. It was just 180grams. That's made me realize how farmers here are getting "bullied". Many other issues are effecting the local agriculture market. So we need to get together and be smarter and work together"

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